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How To Choose

What field do you work in?

At Nomad Tables, we offer tables specific to the needs of many healthcare professionals and develop products that can be adapted to the types of care of each specialist.

Here are some suggestions based on different areas:

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Massage therapists

Massage therapy is a relatively wide area for treating or relieving pain, using hand movements and different ointments or therapeutic oils. We recommend tables such as the Nomad Pro or the Nomad Extreme, which are both middle-range tables, perfect for most massage techniques.

If you specialize in sports massage, we suggest the Nomad Kiné Sport or Nomad Physio, perfect for the rigorous massage work that athletes need.

foldable massage table Toronto


The needs of osteopaths are different from those of massage therapists (finer and more accurate techniques, as well as interactions within the balance of the body).

We have developed two tables especially for practitioners in this field: the Nomad Osteo and the Nomad Osteo Electric.

No need to look any further, these are our most popular tables for this discipline.

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If you are established in this area of health, you will agree when we say that customer needs are continually changing.

For your convenience, we have designed tables that are multidisciplinary, perfect to meet various demands.

So, we suggest the Nomad Spa or even the Nomad Pedi-Spa, two tables that will help you satisfy your customers' comfort.

What size table are you looking for?

Table width should be selected based on the size of the health specialist, not according to the patients. Indeed, you will use the table more often, so make sure it is the right width for you. Remember that almost all Nomad tables provide height level.

Here is a useful table of measure to help you make your selection:

  • For Professionals standing 5’8” or less: A width between 24-26 inches
  • For professionals standing between 5’9″ and 6’1”: A width between 28-30 inches
  • For professionals standing over 6’2”: A width of 32 inches
  • If you want more options for your customers, an extension or arm support, take a look here
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Do you visit your customers?

We provide three (3) categories of tables: portable, fixed and electric. The choice of a table becomes much easier once you answer this question.

If you intend to move frequently to visit your customers, you should choose one of our portable tables. If you move frequently from place to place, we suggest the Nomad Compact, Nomad Expresso Compact or the Nomad Expresso, our lightest and most convenient tables to transport.

If you do not need to move, then the fixed tables will be useful. If you have a large customer base, we suggest the Nomad Instant or even the Nomad Extreme, two of our classic fixed models.

What is your budget?

Nomad Tables manufactures a large assortment of massage tables, that can meet a range of budgets.

If you are looking for your first professional table, we suggest the Nomad Sumo or Nomad Instant. Both meet all the Nomad quality standards, include a lifetime warranty, which fits perfectly with smaller budgets.

Meanwhile, the Nomad Pro Flex and Nomad Instant Multi tables are good examples of middle-and high-end.

Customize your choices based on these questions, find the table for you here!

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